Our real estate agency is focused on the management of properties with tourist interest. However, we offer many other services to our customers, in order to prepare the house to be leased in the best way, maximizing the profitability of the investment and the satisfaction of our hosts. Plase find below the main WePuglia services:

Management of properties with tourist interest

we manage every phase of the touristic stays and we take care about the related expenses:

  • Professional photo book of the property;
  • Upload of the property ad on the main booking platforms and on our internet site;
  • Management of reservations and home calendar;
  • Reporting guests to the Police Headquarters and to the competent institutions;
  • Final cleaning and linen change;
  • Courtesy and welcome kits to guests;
  • Check-in, check-out and availability for guests for any info or issue 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm;
  • Bureaucracy and monthly report to the owner.

The expenses of the owner are only those related to the users and the maintenance of the property, with a clear, transparent and efficient management strategy.

Consulting Services for Touristic Real Estate Investment

Often both who wants to undertake a real estate investment of tourist interest in Puglia, and the related professionals and estate companies hired, do not fully understand the needs of an international clientele, or have no idea about how much each single intervention can improve the income deriving from the lease of the building. Often the investors cannot fully trust all the different companies and people they need to entrust to buy and renovate the house, often at thousands of miles far away from the hills of Italy. That is why we decided to create a comprehensive real estate consultancy services, for managing each phase of the investment. This type of advice is strongly recommended for potential non-resident investors in Puglia, who need to look for a professional, honest and serious company, that takes care of everything, at a fair and transparent price.

Services Connected to Real Estate Investment

Thanks to the collaboration of professionals and qualified external companies, we provide the following types of additional services:

  • Economic & financial consulting, we realize business plans and feasibility plans ad hoc for the
    client, we rely on external collaborations for advice on regional, national and European financing;
  • Consultancy for restructuring and furnishing, we provide advice on what concerns restructuring,
    furniture and technical and bureaucratic practices. We provide to the customer an all-inclusive offer in collaboration with reliable construction companies. We follow each phase of the investment and periodically we update the investor on the progress of the work;
  • Other services, we offer in external collaboration, other services related to short leases:
    proprietary RC policies, green maintenance, pool maintenance and much more.

More informations

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